The Dad
  Shawn - My advisor, supporter, protector, and best friend.  He is the most dependable person I have ever met and arguably the best father in the world.  Like me, Shawn didn't always grow up in Indiana.  He moved here from Texas and has carried over his cowboy roots.  This is a guy who is afraid of nothing and will try anything.  He even did a little bronco riding is his younger years and I've witnessed him laughing while getting bucked off a horse (this is not something most people do!)

The Mom
Christi - I'm the wife, mom, event planner, supervisor, and blogger. 

My Boys
Zack & Colton - These guys are my pride and joy.  I was never the mommy type until I became a mommy.  Then I fell in love with my kids and can't imagine life without them.  Also known as:  Sweet Pea, Monster, Munchkin, Honey Bunches, Cutie, and Turkey Butt - all of which are used interchangeably.


The Step-Daughter

Kayla  - Also known as "Kayla-monie".  She's technically Shawn's daughter but she's a lot like a little sister to me and occasionally my partner in crime!  She's run off to college and left me alone in this house full of boys! 

The Boys - the dogs
    Guinness - "Guin"  (Golden Retriever)
    Burton - "Puppy"  (English Setter)
    Mason - "The Big Guy"  (English Mastiff)

The Cats  

The Horses
   Penny (the Pinto) 
   Buddy (the Roan)

The Sheep
   Okay, so we don't have any yet but I figure if I keep talking about it I might eventually talk Shawn into it!