Sunday, March 11, 2012

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Neo & Domino
So it all started with Ginny.    Shawn very clearly holds Ginny responsible for what happened at our house this weekend.  You see, Ginny bought her daughter a pony for Easter last year - how cliché, right?  Fast forward to this year, and someone at our house thought it would be a good idea to get the boys a pony for Easter this year (I'll let you in on a little secret - I do believe it was Shawn.).  Shawn also blames my parents - if they had fulfilled my childhood fantasies when I was a kid, he feels we wouldn't be in this situation.  So I called Ginny and asked her to hunt down a pony for me.  She was in (of course!).  Ginny's a busy, pregnant mom herself - I wasn't planning on hounding her to find this pony, but Shawn was.  About once a week he would ask, "Hey, did Ginny get back to you on that pony?"  "You know we need to get moving on this pony thing if we're going to have it by Easter?"  Yes, babe, I'll ask her again.

Zack's first time leading Domino
So then it comes - she has found a pony!  Or at least her pony-hunting friend, Jan, has a found a pony for her, for me.  Just let me say, Ginny sent the first text to me on Thursday Saturday night at 9:30 I had two ponies in the barn.  Yes, babe, we better get cracking on this pony thing or we'll never get them here by Easter. 

So I set up an appointment to meet the pony seller on Friday afternoon.  There were a couple of different pony options and I wasn't sure which one of them I wanted.  And then it hit me - we have two boys, shouldn't we get two ponies?  I texted Shawn.

Good thing Mason is around to practice on!
Uh, no, we don't need two ponies.  Why in the heck would we need two ponies?  I said that each boy needed their own pony to care for, be responsible for, develop a relationship with, and love.  Shawn wasn't buying it but I wasn't giving up.

"Neo"politan - Colton's pony
So we left work a little early on Friday afternoon to go have a look at this very special, kid-friendly pony.  On the way there we debated how we'll get the pony back to the house and how we're going to keep it a secret for the next four weeks.  We figured the boys don't look out the side window much anyway, we could just keep the pony in the barn and let him out into the side pasture in the evenings and the boys would never notice.  So we get to this place with no money, planning to check out the pony, have a think on it, and leave.  She offers for us to ride him so Shawn takes her up on it (the pony looked like he could handle it, and he did).  And if I had had the wherewithal to take a picture of Shawn riding that pony, you would all be looking at it on this post.  It was a site to see!

Domino - Zack's pony
Of course we liked the pony, Domino, and the seller said she was going to Cloverdale the next day and could bring him by for $50.  We were in.  So we went to the closest ATM, gave her half the money, and headed home.  I'm not sure how it came about, but we both are no good at secrets.  They boys will be just as excited to get the pony tomorrow morning as they would be on Easter anyway, right?  Plus, on Easter, they'll be in their nice clothes and won't really be able to play with the pony so it really did make more sense to just go ahead and give them the pony right away.  Of course it did!

Kicking the bedding out
So Saturday morning we get up at the crack of dawn to meet the seller when she got here.  All the while we were telling the boys that we had a "big surprise" for them.  Zack asked if it was a 4-wheeler.  Zack was really excited to see the pony!  He walked right up, took the end of the lead rope, and helped walk Domino to the barn.  Usually, Colton is the braver of the two, but he was a little more timid and wanted to see Domino...from a few feet away!

Cleaning stalls is hard work!
We got the pony settled in his stall - everything was peachy.  Shawn had a poker tournament to get ready for that afternoon and while he was in the shower, I got a text from Domino's seller saying they had decided to sell their other son's pony too, and could drop it off on their way back home today for $250.  If they had to haul it all the way home then it would be more because of gas.  Hmmmm...did we really need a second pony?  Colton didn't seem like he was dying to have one and it was kind of big event to bring the first one home...a second one might be overwhelming.  So I texted her back and said I wasn't sure but to send a pic.  Big mistake - this pony was a tobiano and really cute!  And she said she was just as well broke as Domino.  So I told Shawn I thought we should get her.  He said he thought we shouldn't.  He left for his poker game and thought it was a done deal. 

Spit-shined pony saddle
Yeah, right.  I was talking to my friend Dena and she thought it was a hell of a good deal and that we should definitely get the second pony, and I kind of did too.  So I called Ginny, she agreed, we definitely needed this second pony!  How could we possibly pass up such a good bargain?  So I sent Shawn a text and told him he had better win big at poker tonight!

Pony number two (Neopolitan) arrived at the house at about 9:30 last night.   And evidently, Shawn felt some financial pressure because he took second place and netted enough money to cover all but about $85 that we spent on the ponies (Go, Babe!). 

So there you have it - we managed to impulse buy two ponies in a 48-hr timeframe.  And, as you can see, all of this is definitely Ginny's fault!  If it hadn't been for her I never would have had the idea to get the boys a pony - let alone two. 

Thanks, Ginny!!! 

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