Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pinning with Pinterest

Okay, so if you haven't been sucked into the "pinning" craze yet...get ready! 

Pinterest is the latest fad website where you can pin pictures of things you like onto your profile.  I like to think of  it as "my desire in pictures". 

Love, love, love it....i'ts like a giant scrapboard for everything you love or want to do in your life. 

You have to be invited to Pinterest...waiting for an invitation is like trying to get into the cool kids club in high school.  But a very special lady (thanks Wendy!) finally took pity on me and sent me an invitation.  Send me your email address and I'll send you an invite.

You can follow other people's pinboards and collect neat ideas for anything you are doing in your life...getting married, having a baby, redecorating, reading....anything!

These are some of my first pins (or repins).  "The Girl Who Chased the Moon" is an amazing book by Sarah Addison Allen...I read it in about four hours.  The Adele picture says to me that yes, smoking is still sexy in moderation!  The caprese salad - amazing and delish!  And of course since I am a girl with no style abilities of my own, thank you for putting them together for me!

Here is my pinboard if you would like to check it out.  I've just gotten started so much more to come:

Here's how to get started:

1.  Receive an invitiation (I know, this is the tough part!)

2.  Sign in through Facebook.

3.  Create a profile.  It will ask you for a username but I find it posts everything by your facebook name anyway.

4.  Start pinning!

Happy Pinning!

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