Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Christmas Destiny

Ready for Santa!

We came back from K.C. a day early so that we could go get a tree and put up our Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving weekend - it's tradition, after all.  My family had always used artificial trees so all you had to do was get the box out of the basement, put the tree up, and decorate.  When I met Shawn, it was important to him to have a real tree...and not a tree that someone else had cut down.  I don't believe in cutting trees down...I'm a tree-hugger.  But Shawn says that if you don't cut down the trees that are grown just for Christmas that they will be sad because they can't fulfill their Christmas destiny.  If it had just been Shawn I was up against, I might have been able to swing him my way.  But he had already trained Kayla this way for 13 years and I could hardly say "no" when she gave me her puppy dog eyes.

So the first Christmas we spent together, we searched for a Christmas tree farm and found one in Mooresville.  We have gone to Jay's Tree Farm every year for seven years now.  For all but the first year, I was either pregnant or carrying a baby on my hip for this blessed event.  This is the first year that everyone was able to walk on their own the entire time, so all I had to carry was the camera.  As you can imagine, I was really looking forward to it this year!  As my luck would have it, it rained all day.  This has never happened to us!  We debated whether to hold off and go another day, but ultimately decided that we would tough it out. 

Our tree!

We usually spend about a half hour wandering through the trees searching for that perfect tree. This year we sat in the dry truck and scanned the horizon for the area that looked the most promising (this was clearly not the year to be meandering around in the rain looking for a tree).  We decided on an area that was pretty close to the shake-out area.  We went down one aisle and up the next before deciding on a tree - and I have to say that it happens to be the best tree we've picked out in the past few years.  Shawn got down on the ground to cut it down (hey, this was his idea, not mine!) and asked me to grab the top and put some pressure on it.  So I took off my really cute mitten (didn't want to get sap on it), stuck my hand in, grabbed tight, and whatever I grabbed was really soft and soggy - a bird's nest.  Yuck!  So I pulled my hand out, wiped it on Shawn's coat, and tried again. 

At last - down came the poor tree (we won't even get into how sad I am when we have to throw the tree on the burn pile after Christmas).  We just about took out one of the kids but I figure sooner or later they'll learn to get out of the way ;)  When we took it the shake-out station I specifically asked to have the bird nest removed.  Of course they couldn't find it so it either fell out while we were dragging it or I'm going to have birds flying around my house in a few days...time will tell. 

All tuckered out

We headed home for some naps before tree decorating.  We had to rearrange the living room to accomodate the tree - I kind of like it this way though.  This is the first year that Colton really understands what is going on so when we cut the tree loose from the strings he was literally jumping up and down and clapping his hands, he was so excited! 

So our perfect tree is up, the house is decorated, the boys are nestled all snug in their beds - now if only Christmas wasn't four whole weeks away and I didn't have to go to work in the morning!

Happy Holiday Season everybody!

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