Sunday, July 17, 2011

Zucchini Bread - From Garden to Table

When Shawn started planting his garden, I put in a special request for zucchini so I could make zucchini bread.  He planted two zucchini plants for me.  This past week, they have been ripening very quickly.  Since we're new to this gardening thing, we didn't realize that the zucchinis got so big so quickly.  They ballooned out from normal size to giant in the space of two days - we picked a couple of them that were probably four-pounders!  Which is fine except for the size of the seeds inside.  Shawn did tell me he thought we should pick them ealier but they didn't look that big on the plant to me so I told him to wait another day or two - I'll never hear the end of that! 
Our refrigerator is overflowing with zucchinis...and this is after I took several into work to give away last week.  Who knew we only needed one plant?  So today we made zucchini bread!    Six loaves - yes, six...and there is still more in the refrigerator.  We started with the giant zucchini before we decided it was too seedy.  Not to worry, we had plenty of others to choose from.  I started shredding and then quickly enlisted Shawn's help to shred the zucchinis (he does it at least twice as fast as I do).  He had two cups of it ready in no time.  My two Betty Crocker books had two different recipes (of course!).  We went with the one that used nutmeg instead of cloves and one cup of zucchini per loaf. 

I peaked the boys' interest once I got started on the mixing - they climbed right up into the chairs and started asking questions and touching everything.  The cutest part was them saying "zu-candy bread" - they were very excited to have the "candy" bread.  Little man was a little more "in" to things than was probably necessary!  He sat on the counter and asked questions (the same ones) the entire time.  Not sure how we managed to not end up with a big mess with the rate that his little hands were going after everything.

I mixed everything together and popped them into the oven.  After about a half hour of baking the house smelled like cinnamon and nutmeg, and about 25 minutes after that they were ready to come out of the oven.  This process would have gone faster if I owned more than two loaf pans (note to self for next year).  To his credit again, Shawn vowed to try everything that came out of his garden.  He tried the zucchini raw and then actually liked the bread when it was done. 


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  1. Cutest kitchen staff ever! I love zucchini bread!