Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weed Control

When we first bought our property I had visions of a quaint little cottage tucked back in the country where the flowers and greenery grew wild.  I didn't mind the honeysuckle on the fencerows - I liked the way it created natural boundaries and seemed to separate us from the rest of the world.  I wanted to have natural areas for the deer, rabbits, birds, and other animals to make homes out of.  I didn't want our property to look "sharp" and "maintained".  I liked the naturalness of it - I think I may have even had mild aspirations of going organic too.

What was not a part of my vision were the weeds.  Weeds weeds weeds...and more weeds.  Think a little less Thomas Kinkade and a little more like a scene from "The Ruins".  I don't want the place to look perfectly manicured but would also like to not live in fear of being attacked by honeysuckle vines and dragged down into the depths of hell!

I thought the horses would keep the pasture under control - nope, they are picky eaters.  They eat the grass and leave all of the tall weeds standing.  The weeds get so tall in the pasture that you literally can't see the horses at times.  So every now and then when we have time, Shawn heads out on the tractor and brush hogs the pasture.  The horses even seem to be pleased when this event occurs - and even more so when their fly masks are on!

As for the aspirations of going natural and organic?  I still want things to be as natural as possible but my new philosophy when I see weeds is spray it, mow it, pull it, whatever - just get rid of it! 

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