Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Wagon Wheel

When we first looked at this house, one of the first things that Kayla and I were sold on was this old, rusty wagon wheel that greeted us at the front of the driveway.  When the previous owners moved out we were a little worried they would take it with them.  We weren't really surprised when they didn't - it seemed like it belonged there.  It made me smile every time I pulled into the driveway - you knew you were home when you saw it.

We had Zack three weeks after we moved in.  It was May and he was premature so we spent the first summer inside.  The second summer I got pregnant with Colton.  We were able to get some things done outside but not a lot with a one-year-old and a pregnant woman.  The third summer Colton was a baby and the fourth summer Colton was only one.  This is our fifth summer in the house and we are finally at a stage where the boys can play outside while we get work done.

With the two of us working full-time (more than full-time most times) and the two babies the past few years, the lack of maintenance outside has led us to a yard that is not as neat-looking as the two of us like our home to be.  The wagon wheel got completely overgrown with honeysuckle (as does everything else around here).  Each day when I pulled into the driveway it seemed I could see less and less of the wagon wheel.

The first summer we were here, Kayla tried out her photographic capabilities around the 'stead.  One of the pictures she took was of the wagon wheel.  Last weekend she gave me the photo she took of the wagon wheel in a picture frame for Mother's Day.  I LOVE it!  And it reminded me how much I missed the wagon wheel.

So today I took action!  I went to town on the front fence row with the clippers.  I eventually had to enlist Shawn's help to weedeat the grass at the base so I could see where I needed to cut - but we got through a lot of it.  The wagon wheel has been uncovered!

We still have a lot to do but I can't wait for the first time I pull into the driveway and the wagon wheel is there to greet me again!

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