Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Very Rainy Sunday

So much for getting anything done outside today - it has been pouring here all day. 
I went out to sit on the swing to listen to the rain on the tin roof - it sounded more like an amplified drum routine the rain was coming down so hard.  I am proud to report that my "ten free trees" from the Arbor Day Foundation are all still alive and growing leaves so I can now identify what type each tree is.  Considering Colton pulled a couple of them out by their roots after we planted them, I think the fact that they are all still alive is quite an achievement!

The yard needed mowed too, so I guess we'll be mowing hay the next time it's dry enough to get out there.  Shawn says we now need a yard sweeper - the amount of power equipment needed to keep this place going is astounding. 

I got a new hammock yesterday and I've got the perfect spot picked out for it in the back corner of the yard between two trees.  I was hoping to get outside and get the weeds pulled so I could hang the hammock - no such luck today but I can assure you this is at the top of my priority list!  We also got the boys new life jackets for the Lake today - I can't wait to get out behind the boat to kneeboard and slalom ski myself this year!

So we've moved on to inside chores and projects today.  We need to clean all of the catch-alls out of Kayla's old room so we can turn it into a playroom since the boy's rooms always look like a tornado went through them.  The rooms needed a little extra organizational help so we sorted through all the toys, reunited all the little pieces that go with each one to it's appropriate toy, and put everything away in a "place".  Afterwards, Shawn sat the boys down at their little table and laid down the new law.  They aren't to get a new toy out until the toy they are playing with is put away where they got it.  Zack seemed to ponder this new information deeply while Colton stared off into space and then told us he was hungry - I think we really got through to them.

So a productive day and fun weekend - lots of projects to get done before the travel starts back up over the next few weeks.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day!

All ten trees are alive and leafing - we did good!

Checking on the baby birds
Laying Down the Law!

Comfy Cozy

Rocking in their chairs from Grandpa Randle

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