Monday, June 13, 2011

My First Yoga Class

Who goes to their first yoga class and forgets their yoga mat?  You guessed it - the picture of brilliance here.  Kind of blows that whole "intuitive" bit of my personality right out of the water.

The name of the yoga studio is Evolutions@Yoga.  I took the "Gentle Yoga" class (as it was the only one offered on Monday nights).  The teacher was Jenni.  The first thing she taught us was how to breathe - Pranayama.  The technique was something like pretending you are holding a mirror up to your mouth and trying to fog it up - only keeping your mouth closed.  It's supposed to be loud.  Mine sounded funny - I would have been self-conscious but the guy next to me was so loud I didn't have to worry about it. 

I soon learned that the majority of the "Gentle Yoga" students are either elderly or fairly overweight.  I found that I could get farther into the positions than most of the people in the class - until we got to the hamstring work.  The old man next to me had looser hamstrings than I do.  I have zero flexibility in my hamstrings.  This is not an epiphany for me - I have been this way forever and get made fun of regularly (I guess because I look like someone who should be able to straighten her legs but I can't).  On June 28th they have a "Lengthening Your Hamstrings" class - this I clearly need to be in.

And the lady behind me to my right was like a pretzel - she clearly has been in more advanced classes and was just coming to this one tonight due to schedule constraints (she could even stand on her head and twist her legs around).

Towards the end we did the Savasana - better known as the "corpse" pose.  Although this may sound like a bad thing, I rather liked it. She came around and put these little scented satchels on our forheads and turned the lights down while we practiced our breathing - I thought it was super relaxing.

Then came the end.  We were in a sitting position and I had my eyes closed, trying to focus on my breathing, when all of a sudden she let out this very lound "Ommmmmmm"...and everyone else in the class did it too.  They only did it the one time but it seemed to go on forever (these people must have very expansive lungs).

Then she said something in Sanskrit that I couldn't understand (although half the class repeated it - and she made it clear to do it only if you wanted to), then she translated it into English.  Something to do with bringing peace to the mind and body.  I'm not sure but it wasn't too bad.

So a pretty good experience.  I'll be back at it Wednesday night for the Beginner's class - hopefully they'll do more explaining in that one...and hopefully I'll remember to bring my mat! 

Here I am all set for my first yoga class!

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