Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Java and Me


My relationship with coffee has been a progression that began as early in life as I can remember.  In my early years my mother used to always drink coffee.  It used to smell so good when it was brewing...and she always had coffee breath when she would give us a hug (which I can only assume is now what my kids think about me).

My Grandma McDaniel used to drink a lot of coffee too.  She always drank hers black.  And Grandpa McDaniel used to always take one of those metal thermos with the little metal cup on top full of coffee to work with him each day.  And of course everyone on my mom's side drank coffee - they were all farmers so I'm guessing working outside during the winter is what drove all of them to drinkin'.

Now my dad, he's never had a taste for coffee.  He's more of a diet coke kind of guy (which is my drink of choice during the day time).

I'm a very cold natured sort of girl.  In the winter when I worked in the plant I used to always get hot chocolate to keep me warm...right up to the point when I learned how much fat was in hot chocolate.  So I stopped drinking it but always missed holding the warm mug when I was cold.  This is where the coffe came in...with lots of cream and sweet n' low. 

Coffee is an acquired taste.  Kind of like beer.  And the longer you drink it, the more taste buds you burn off your tongue, which enables you to eventually be able to drink it black.  - *Christi's Theory

I started brewing my own coffee at home.  No one had ever taught me how to brew coffee before so I had to wing it from the instructions on the Folgers can.  Now if you've ever brewed coffee following the instructions off the can, then you know that those instructions are put there to get you to use up the coffee faster so that you will buy more...not so that it tastes good.  At first, the coffee tasted so bad that I thought that I must just not have a taste for it...but I always liked it in the restaurants (with cream and a pink pack of course).  So I started adjusting back from the instructions.  For a period of time, I used to make six cups of coffee with five heaping tbsp of Folgers.  And I thought this was pretty good (I didn't want to seem like a weak coffee drinker)...at least until the day that Shawn's dad came over and tried my coffee.

Bill is a coffee connoisseur.  This man drinks coffee all day long.  Every.  Single.  Day. - and he wouldn't drink my coffee.  Told me it tasted like crap...and it probably did.

Around this time I moved to a new location in the company where they served free coffee all day long every day.  I had a mug that I could just take in and get coffe whenever I wanted.  On the weekends I had become addicted to McDonald's coffee (right after they introduced their McCafé line).  Anytime I traveled...McDonald's with one cream and one Equal (they didn't have the pink packs). 

Then we moved back over to the plant and there was no free coffee every day - I was lost!  So there's a Burger King right next to the day care on my way to work...this is when I became addicted to Burger King coffee.  It was their "Cup of Joe" line.  LOVED it.  I've never had a better tasting coffee in my life.  But then they decided that they needed to start competing with McDonald's so they switched to Seattle's Best.  I hated it at first but I had to have coffee every morning at this point so I just kept drinking it until I got used to it.

Mind you, all the while I have always been an anti-Starbucks person.  I had their coffee some years back, thought it tasted awful (not to mention it was expensive) so I refused to go there.  Plus I'm not into the whole hanging out at the coffee shop thing - I don't live on the set of "Friends".

But life's whole purpose is apparently to make sure that you have to eat your words when you grow up and renounce the things you said you would never do. 

I have apparently burned off enough tastebuds on my tongue that I now like Starbucks coffee.  (This will give those of you that know me well a good laugh, no doubt!)  Probably due to the fact that I forced myself to drink the Seattle's Best which, I am told, is actually owned by Starbucks and is their "bargain coffee". 
 It doesn't help that during my trips to the UK, the coffee is so bad that it kills all your tastebuds but you are five hours ahead of normal time so you need it just to function while you are there.  As soon as you hit the States you're hunting for a Starbucks in the airport just to have a taste of good American coffee.

 So I've got a new coffe pot (programmable even!) and I've got my bag of Starbucks coffee that I can brew every morning.  And I finally found a coffee mug that keeps my coffe hot long enough to make it to work. I pretend that I am saving money this way (probably not) but, oh well...c'est la vie...

~ I love coffee ~

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