Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to My Husband

Shawn - A dad of three and arguably one of the best father's in the world in my opinion.  He's patient, unconditionally loving, strict and indulgent - all at the same time.  He cooks, cleans, bathes, disciplines, soothes, plays, teaches, and protects the boys tirelessly.  He goes to extraordinary lengths to spend time with his kids and always has time to play.  Both boys would be completely lost without him.  They look up to him, try to mimic him, cry for him when they are hurt, and argue with him the most!

He's been doing this whole dad-thing for a while - his oldest, Kayla, is all grown up now.  Maybe one of the reasons the boys love Kayla so much is because they know she probably paved the way for them a little! 

Kayla is back in town for the summer and came down to visit this weekend - it's always great to have her here.  The boys get super-excited and want to show her all of their new tricks; and Shawn gets about the same way - he had to show her his new talent his guitar and give her a tour of his garden.  For me, I always feel like the house is complete when she is here.

Happy Father's Day, Babe - We love you!
Kayla knows her dad well!

Colton loves his sissy.

Zack really digs it when Shawn practices on his Martin.

This is what happens when she back-talks!

Shawn & all three of his munchkins.

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