Saturday, June 18, 2011

For the Birds

 So all three little baby birds weathered the storm and have been hanging out in my flower basket for a couple of weeks now.  I climbed up to get some good pics of them this afternoon.  This was the best shot I got when all of a sudden the little guy to the back left spread his wings and flew out of the nest!  I had this amazing feeling of wonder at watching this little bird leave his nest until we noticed that he coasted straight to the ground - clearly not yet ready to fly.  I had scared him right out of his nest!  Whoops!

So we sent Shawn to the rescue with a pair of gloves to retrieve the bird and put him back in the nest.  Between him flitting away and Shawn worrying that he was going to hurt him, Shawn ended up chasing him across the yard about fifteen feet.  He finally got hold of him and brought him back to the nest.  What did the bird do?  Flew right back out of the stinkin' nest!  So Shawn went to get him and again put him back in the nest - and out he flew again!  So Shawn sent the rest of us in the house to quiet down the porch and tried one more time to get him in the nest.  Third time's a charm I guess!

Thankfully, momma bird came back shortly thereafter and fed all three of them.  Glad my photography attempts didn't harm the little guy!

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