Monday, June 6, 2011

Finding Balance

...and maybe even a little peace of mind.

I finished reading Eat Pray Love this weekend - loved it.  The way the woman processes thoughts in her head is pretty much the way I think all the time.  A million things going on all the time and no answer to most of them.  And lets face it - wandering around Italy for four months eating pasta and gelato could put a smile on anyone's face. 

I also took the Meyers-Briggs quiz again (I took it a long time ago - and I made Shawn take it again too).  Turns out I am an INTP (The Thinker) and that I "may venture so deeply in thought as to seem detached, and often am actually oblivious to the world around me."  Yep - that pretty much sums it up and is quite often a complaint of my husband's.  Socrates, Sir Isaac Newton, Darwin, and Einstein - all INTP' I guess I'm in good company!

In the book, the author talks a lot about yoga and chanting.  I find chanting to be odd.  I've been looking into joining a yoga class but I'm not too sure about the chanting bit.  There is a yoga studio not too far from here but what type of yoga do I want to practice?  I would expect a couple of different, there at least sixteen types of yoga.  And since I have no trouble at all making up my mind (?), this should make deciding this quite easy.

The different types I have found so far are:  Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, Bikram, Viniyoga, Anusara, Jivamukti, Forrest, Kripalu, Integral, Moksha, Restorative, Yin Yoga, and finally, Sivananda.

Thankfully, the yoga studio by my house has significantly fewer options:  Gentle Yoga (this may be the one!), Ashtanga, Intermediate, Yin Yoga, Modified Ashtanga, and a Beginning level.

There's also an entire page on "Class Etiquette":
1.  Arrive on time or early for class
2.  Remove your shoes before entering the practice room
3.  Don't bring your cell phone to class
4.  Don't wear heavy fragrances, practice good hygiene
5.  If you borrow a mat, wipe it down after class
6.  Talk softly while waiting for class, avoid gossip or negative chatter
7.  Be open to new techniques and suggestions

Now based on some of the above "tips", I'm not sure if I need yoga to make me a better person or if I'm really just a bad fit and should stay away!  I'm never early and rarely on time.  We don't take our shoes off at home and if you can find me without my blackberry then I've probably gone mad.  I don't usually wear perfume and I think my hygiene is okay so I've got that going for me.  I don't mind wiping down a borrowed mat.  I can talk softly but no gossip or negative chatter?  That could be a challenge.

So I'll let you know how my first session goes.  My guess is it will be both awkward and painful...which is hopefully the path to both balance and peace of mind.

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