Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Circle of Life

We had a major life-changing event this weekend.  While we were in the front pasture working on the fence rows a little bunny came running out of nowhere and the dogs went after him.  I chased the dogs off and we held them back for the bunny to get away.  When we couldn't find him we thought he must have ran off to the other pasture when we didn't see him - so we went back to work.

Well, the dogs didn't have any problems finding him.  I turned around to hear the boys screaming at me "Guinness is eating the bunny!"  And it was true - Guinness was eating the bunny.  The boys were yelling, "No Guinness" and "Bad Dog" - none of which were going to save this poor little guy.  So when I pulled Guinness away, there lay the bloodied little bunny on the ground in front of my 4-yr-old and 2-yr-old (and he moved a couple of times).  The boys were clearly very upset - no crying (thankfully), most likely because they didn't realize the bunny was dead.  So I made Shawn pick it up and put it over the fence so the boys (and ME) didn't have to keep walking by it. 

The boys have continued to talk about the bunny all evening and the fact that "Guiness ate the bunny" and is a "bad dog".  They have also repeatedly asked where the bunny is.  I tried "heaven" and "gone"...when they asked Shawn he replied, "On the other side of the fence."  His candor knows no bounds (and amazingly seemed to satisfy their curiosity better than my responses.)

But where there is death there is also life.  A couple of weeks ago we found a bird trying to build a nest in one of my hanging baskets on the front porch.  We tried to chase her out of there a couple of times but she persevered and built her nest there anyway.  Last night we took a look and saw that the eggs were literally hatching.  I tried to take a picture but just couldn't make myself blind or scare the wits out of these tiny creatures with my flash (plus, momma bird was a little upset with us being so close).  There were also thunderstorms rolling in last night.  We were a little worried with the little ones swinging around in the wind and the rain last night in that basket with them being just-hatched.  But we checked on them today and they seem to be okay (they were moving anyway).

So the circle of life goes on and my boys learned about life and death.  I guess all the better for them to learn while they are so young - I'm just glad it didn't seem to be a life-scarring lesson!

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