Monday, June 13, 2011

An Afternoon at the Pond

Zack and I took a hike out to the pond today.  It's so beautiful this time of year - the dragonflies were flying over the water, the butterflies were sipping from the wildflowers, the grasshoppers were buzzing around in the grass...and the tall grass was waving in the breeze.  Blue sky reflecting off the water...Gorgeous.

This pond was one of the major selling points of our property - I really wanted a place with a pond on it so we could go swimming in it.  The trouble is, during the hottest time of the year when I really want to go swimming, it doesn't look this good.  In fact, in August it tends to look a bit more like a cesspool than an actual pond.  There are actually fish who make it through the drought every year - we saw one jump today.   I've been thinking we should build a small pier out over the pond so we can get into the deepest part of the water without having to go in from the bank.  Or at the very least I can lay out on it and watch the dragonflies.

No pics of our lazy horses today - they were too busy hanging out under their favorite tree to be bothered with us.  Zack brought his camera out to take pics too.  "Like you, Mom.", he said.  He's my sweet little guy.  He may look a lot like Shawn but I think he's going to end up being more like me (shhh!).  He's quiet-natured and soft-hearted.

Beautiful day with my son. <3

Future photographer

Wildflowers - my favorite

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