Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Truce

Five weeks ago Shawn and I went shopping for these chairs.  The search was for two new chairs for the living room.  I wanted leather club chairs.  Shawn wanted a man recliner.  Since we don't have a big enough house to have a living room decorated the way I want it and a t.v. room decorated the way he wants it, we had to find a compromise.  I had been looking online for several weeks trying to find a recliner that I could live with in my living room.  I found a La-Z-Boy that I thought would satisfy both of us.  I also decided that we needed wall-huggers since there isn't enough room in the living room to have the chairs three feet from the wall.

We started on a Sunday at Kittles.  We found the chairs pictured above at Kittles and added them to the list of possibilities.  We then progressed to Ashley Furniture.  This is where Shawn said something to the effect, "It doesn't matter.  If you're going to get a wall-hugger rather than a rocker then they are all pretty much the same."  I said, "But how do they feel?"  To which he replied, "It doesn't matter.  They all look and feel exactly the same to me.  Get whatever you want."  You would think the term "get whatever you want" would please me.  But it was the way he said it.  At that point I was a bit irritated.

We moved on to Rooms Express...there wasn't anything there to fight about.  We then went to La-Z-Boy where we found that the chairs I had picked out online were entirely too large for our living room.   So we left La-Z-Boy and went to Gertz.  This is where things got really bad.  I believe there was even crying involved.  So we gave up and went home.  Once we got home we called a truce and rearranged the living room to accomodate a rocka-recliner rather than a wall-hugger.  We went back to Kittles the next day and bought the first chairs we saw, with the rocka-recliner option.  The sales lady complimented us on our ability to pick out furniture without fighting.  She said a lot of times it gets uncomfortable when couples are shopping for furniture.  Obviously she wasn't with us in the Gertz parking lot.

Fast forward through five weeks of Kittles' inability to track an order and forecast a delivery date, the chairs were finally delivered today.  When I got them in the living room in the two new spots we had created for them....I hated them.  Surprising, I know.  So I spent the afternoon rearranging the living room (again).  Where are the chairs?  Against the wall - but not three feet away from it.  I told Shawn if he wanted to recline all the way back he would have to pull the chair out :)  But they look phenomenal and are super comfy!

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