Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Pretty Good Start

 We started the day in town to buy more weed blocker sheets (and to get me some coffee).  The gardens at this house are immense.  We fight weeds galore every year.  So we decided to get a headstart this year and put down the weed blocker sheets under the mulch to see if we could at least keep up with the weed game this year, even if we can't win it!  We also needed to get fencing to go around Shawn's garden so we can try to ward off the rabbits and deer from the garden.

Shawn worked until 9:00 and was home by 9:45.  We were out the door by 10:00 and the plan was to get coffee, go to the store, grab lunch, and have the boys down for naps by noon.  Sounded feasible.  So we drive into town and go to my favorite place to get coffee, Burger King.  They're closed for remodeling.  So I had to settle for Starbucks which is not my favorite, is another mile away,  and it's a whole dollar more.

We get to Rural King, stop to try on some Justin boots for Shawn, pick out a porch swing and cushions.  Meanwhile, the boys keep begging to go see the bunnies and chicks.  So I take them to see the chicks while Shawn tries to find a new tire for the trailer (no such luck).  We get to the chicks and they are ALL GONE!  So I'm telling the boys that it's good because it means they all found good homes to go to (because they are whining that they want to see chicks that I can't seem to make materialize).  So no chickens for Christi this year it would seem.

We move on to the fencing section and assess how much fence we need.  In case you didn't know, the green garden fencing runs about $20 more than the traditional galvanized steel for 100'.  We got the steel.  Finally we head to the register with two carts of boys and one flat bed cart with the swing, fencing, and porch swing - check out, load the truck and head home...without the stinkin' weed blocker sheets.

And to keep you apprised of how we were doing timewise, it was already noon and we hadn't eaten yet, let alone drove back to the house.  You would think I would be able to work out the logistics better since that's what I do for a living but apparently all planning stops when I leave work.

Fast forward to nap time (1:00).  Shawn and I start on the garden beds with the weed blocker sheets he had left over while the kids slept.  Did we even have enough to do one flower bed?  Of course not!  So we finish the largest patch of flower beds we have and I have to send Shawn back into town for the thing we were supposed to get this morning.

After all of the hullabaloo, we did manage to get the front garden weed blocked and mulched today and it looks fabulous. 

I'll be in heaven once we get the front porch swing up  <3

Breaking new ground.

Dad's big farmer.

Dad's little farmer.

The garden fence is up!

This was only enough mulch to do one garden bed.

The one garden we did get finished...

Can you spot the man?

Shawn's Tree-Man

My new living room rug came in - Poppies! 
Now if only my new leather recliners would get here...

And I started a new blanket for our bed - I think it's a pretty good start :)

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