Sunday, April 10, 2011

Planting Trees

Two Eastern Redbuds

I received my "10 Free Trees!" from the Arbor Day Foundation.  They came in a long (maybe 20"), skinny, plastic bag.  I'm not sure what I was expecting (I was envisioning trees in planters) but it was certainly not this!  When Shawn showed it to me I said, "Is that just one of them?"  Oh, no.  It was all of them.  Twelve of them to be exact.  They are like little sticks with roots so I have no idea which one is which!  They had this wet gel-type stuff around the roots to keep them wet and had instructions to "plant immediately".  First off, I have no idea where I want to plant them.  Second off, if I try to plant any of these out in the yard Shawn is definitely going to run over them with the mower. 

The boys helped me plant them in planters.  I guess I'll have to wait for them to start sprouting leaves before I can determine what is what.  I've known these trees were coming for a couple of months so I've been looking around and thinking about where to put them for a while - now that I see how small they are when they come in, I think I'll wait to see which ones actually stay alive before I start worrying about where I'm going to put them!  Colton has already broken one and pulled another out of the planter today - between my non-green thumb and him, I don't think all of them will make it.

Wish us luck! 

Two White Flowering Dogwoods


Two Washington Hawthornes

Two Flowering Crabapples
Two Goldenrain Trees

The boys were really excited to play in the dirt. 

Tree Hugger

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