Sunday, April 10, 2011



We finished the garden beds in the front today - they look great!  And we only fought about it for the first ten minutes.  The bickering was over how to best roll out the weedblocker - is there more than one way to do this?  At our house there is!  Hopefully the weed population in the flower gardens will be under better control this year so we can spend more time cleaning out the pastures for sheep and goats, and less time pulling weeds.  We still have the garden beds in the back to do and I have to pull up and replant all the plants in the back around the new deck.  There is never a shortage of projects to do around here.

Shawn bought a hedgetrimmer and it made short work of several bushes (we definitely should have invested in one of these years ago!).  He also bought a paint sprayer.  Last year we tried to paint the house by hand with a toddler and a baby - the house still only has one coat of paint on it.  So on the list this summer is to finish painting the house as well as the front porch and railings.

This year we are working with a little boy and a toddler.  This translates into Zack constantly yelling for help while trying to ride his bike on the front porch and Colton walking around in his socks in the mud - multiple times.  I actually found a pair of his socks in a puddle beneath one of the downspouts today.  I'm thinking of buying padlocks for his shoes.  He also "helped" us by driving his little 4-wheeler into the garden beds over my budding hastas - multiple times.  I'll be so happy when he learns how to steer!

The yard is starting to get pretty long in some places and Shawn is harping on me to mow.  Shawn is one of those guys who needs his yard to look nice.  There are several plants out in the yard that I've been wanting to transplant for years that he typically just mows over.  So if I want to save them I have to get them moved this week - or else!  Lucky for me it was too wet to mow this weekend.

And of course, top priority of the day was to get the hummingbird feeders up.  Evidently if you don't get them up early enough and the birds come and can't find their food, they will move on and find somewhere else to eat.  So the feeders are up, the birds can eat, and all are happy!

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