Monday, April 25, 2011

Christi's Day

A day all to myself.  I love quiet, rainy days in the country.  No t.v.  No radio.  No noise.  Just the rain on the tin roof of the front porch - one of my favorite things. 

I got out my violin and tried to teach myself how to play "The Kiss" from the Last of the Mohicans for a little while.  I'm not sure if the sheet music I found online was actually the right music for the song - could be that my playing was just really that bad.  So I searched for the sheet music to buy to make sure I was getting the right thing.  My search was fairly unsuccessful...looks like I'll have to call around Indy to some music stores to see if I can find it. 

Now that the living room is rearranged (again!), I've been looking at the walls trying to figure out which pictures I want to hang.  I think that will be my task for this afternoon.    

We were supposed to be spending the last four days out in the pasture trying to get it ready for sheep, but it has literally rained all weekend.  The grass and trees (and frogs!) are loving it though.  Everything is starting to get really green out here.  Even my new trees that the boys helped me plant are starting to grow leaves on them.

I spy five frogs.

At least most of the day was mine...the gravel for the driveway came out today.  Two loads went most of the way up the driveway.  It looks great and is so much nicer to drive on than before.  Will still need another load or two to finish the parking area and up in front of the pole barn. 

Free Tree-Trimming

And a shout out to my Aunt Tina...Happy Birthday Tina!

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  1. Christi,
    I always enjoy reading your posts! Thanks for the shout out, that was sweet!