Friday, April 22, 2011

And the Thunder Rolls...

So it's raining again - in fact it's going to rain for the next five days.  Not sure why it can't rain while I'm at work and be sunny while I'm at home?  There's a good chance the Easter egg hunt could move indoors this year...which is a shame since Colton is actually big enough this year to have fun in the yard.  And so much for getting the back gardens mulched and the rest of the litany of things that need done outside before Zack's birthday party. 

Not to worry though...since I couldn't do anything productive outside today, I elected to not clean the house and went shopping instead!  Sent the husband to work, dropped the kids at day care, grabbed a cup of coffee, and headed to the mall.  I hit a sale at Express and got a new suit and some new heels for work.  On the agenda tonight:  maybe a little nail painting ;)  ...either that or booking my travel for the next couple of months...Devens, MA - Muskegon, MI - Derby, UK - and NY in July (and hopefully a visit with Dena!).

The thunder has been rolling out here all evening.  Zack got a little scared and has safely secured himself under a blanket on the couch with a pillow.  Colton doesn't seem to mind too much, he snuggled up with a book.  Poor Guinness ran outside for two minutes to use the bathroom and then was back in the house in a flash - he's scared of thunderstorms.  And the poor horses look completely miserable - although it doesn't seem all that smart of them to hang out under a tree rather than going into the much for animal instincts. 

My new leather chairs are finally going to be delivered last!  I'll put up pics when they're in place.  And on Monday the first couple of loads of gravel are coming out...only three to five more to go!

Getting green.

Watching mom take pictures :-)

The lilly pads are coming in!
A couple of miserable-looking horses.

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