Monday, March 21, 2011

Signs of Spring!

Spring is here!

While at home today with a sick boy, I tried to be productive with my day off.  And what a fun day!  Threw the windows open at around 12:30 and let the old air out and the new air in.  My house smells fresh as a summer breeze ;-D

My bedroom curtains dancing in the breeze
 above mom's blanket, grandma's McDaniel's quilt,
and great-grandma Votaw's quilt and blanket.

When Zack went down for a nap I took the fun outside.  Spring is in the air.  There is already a large frog claiming the frog pond this year.  Last year we waited until May I think to see any frogs.  The lilly pads haven't even grown in yet.  Wonder where he spent his winter?

A frog has already made his way to our
 pond - will be a good year!

 And of course there is nothing Guinness loves more than to be with me!  We went for a walk down the driveway to take more pictures - he loved it :-)

A happy dog :-)

And here they are - the Ladies of early Spring!  Is there anything happier than seeing these beauties after a long, cold winter?

Daffodil days...

...and more to come!

Enjoy your Spring!

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