Monday, March 21, 2011

My Herb Garden

I watch all of the cooking shows and have always wanted to be like Ina Garten and just pull some fresh herbs from the garden and throw them in the pan.  So I decided to start my very own windowsill herb garden.  I planted these little guys two Sunday's ago. 

The cilantro has started to sprout nicely.  I'm excited to use this with fresh garden tomatoes to make homemade salsa this year...maybe even some mango salsa!  If I can master canning I might be able to put some back for the winter.

The Dill has sprouted as well.  I LOVE dill.  I'm hoping to mix this into some salad dresssing to make chicken salad this summer.  I can also use it to make the ranch oyster crackers that Shawn loves.  In my opinion, anything creamy (sour cream, mayo) goes well with dill! 

The Parsley looks like it might need a do-over!  I was hoping to use this in some Italian dishes soon but but it appears that it will be later rather than sooner.  I'll give the seeds another week and then I'll have to replant.

Shawn is going to plant a full garden in the back yard this year.  He has planned it, laid it out, and is set to go.  If all goes well, we'll have fresh sweet corn, fresh tomatoes, potatoes, peas, beans, and I'm not even sure what else he's got in the mix!  Of course it is my job to learn how to preserve all of this stuff if we have a big harvest.  I'm not too worried about it though - given that it's our first attempt, I'm guessing that the deer and rabbits are smarter than we are and we won't have too big of a yield.  We'll see though - I have faith in my husband :)

And we can always set a table up by the road with a box for money if we have too much food and I blow the stove up trying to can!


  1. I will come and help you blow up the stove!

  2. It's a date! They say you're not supposed to can on glass tops but Grandma said she does it and hasn't blown up the stove yet :)