Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Great Bird Debate

We stopped by TSC today and it is my favorite time of year there!  Anyone know why?

Baby chicks!

They are so adorable.  The kids were ooh-ing and ahh-ing at them and what was I doing?  I was thinking that we need some chickens on the 'Stead!  I know, I know...all nine of my followers must be thinking that I'm going nuts.  First the sheep...then the goats...and now chickens?

But I have this vision in my head.  Yes, it may be a long way away (looking at the front pasture - it is a long way away!) but I want my kids to grow up on a farm.  I want them to learn how to care for animals and I want them to be able to get up and get fresh eggs on Saturday morning for breakfast.  I'm not talking about an entire flock of chickens, just four or five, maybe three :-)

Apparently Shawn has had chickens before.  And he hates them (of course).  He says birds are filthy creatures (which I can kind of attest to from my old blue & gold McCaw days).  But these birds will be outside, how dirty can they be?  And I tried to show him how much money we would be saving by not having to spend $1.50 on eggs every two weeks (this was an extremely weak argument, he wasn't buying it.)

So I quietly started doing my homework on chickens and chicken coops on the internet and decided I would wait for a more opportune time to rehash my argument.

Meanwhile, Shawn was online studying Purple Martins.  Apparently these birds eat flying insects (but not mosquitos as is the commone belief).  He wants to buy a Purple Martin house (which is no ordinary bird house) to attract them.  And his argument is how much they will help the farm by keeping the flying insect population under control.  Let's not dismiss the fact that Shawn has turned into a birdwatcher.  He watches for hawks, redheaded woodpeckers, cardinals....and hummingbirds have become an all-season event at our house each year.  We have to have the feeders up at just the right time, at just the right height, with just the right mix in them.  So it's no surprise that he has found another bird to watch!

Sure seems like an opportune time for me to negotiate some chickens onto the 'Stead!


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