Saturday, March 5, 2011

Do You Like Our New Boots?

So when I left for England I said I expected Spring to be here when I got back.  I got my wish - it's here!  Rain.  Rain.  And more rain.

It is a mess outside.  The ground is completely saturated and soggy.  We figured we would make the most of the "improved" weather and took the boys out to get new mud boots for the season.  They are super cute!

Zack is really excited about his red boots.  He picked them out himself!

It was a little deep in some spots!

Colton got stuck and almost lost his boot.

A little rainy day inside fun :-)

Turn about is fair play!

One cool kid!

All of this standing water makes me think about last summer.  I think it was around August when we barely had enough water to get a load of laundry in every day (this has led us to contemplate digging a second well).  And now we have more water than the ground knows what to do with.

This is a very frustrating time of year too.  All of this rain comes in and the green starts to come up in the garden beds.  But you can't get into the garden beds yet because it's too cold and still raining.  I don't know about everyone else, but I want to get the beds raked out and mulch down before the new growth comes in...not after!  And I want to get out into the sheep/goat pasture before the over-growth has a chance to take hold this year.  What I find is the nice days when you could be outside getting the yard cleaned up are always on a workday.  It rains only on the weekends around here!

While we were outside we made the discovery that mom's boots seem to have sprung a leak (this was a very cold and wet discovery for me).  Looks like I will be getting new boots this year as well :)  Wonder if I can talk Shawn into these red Wellies I've got my eye on ;-)

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