Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Blank Canvas

I need opinions!

After rearranging the living room (more to come on the reason behind this), I now have a big, blank wall above my couch now that needs some TLC.  And by big, I mean the entire wall.  So I would frame these pictures up to around 4'x3'.  Here are the options:

This is "Fierce Grace" by Tony Stromberg.  This, by far, is my favorite picture in the world.  But not necessarily all that personal...it's just a picture that someone else took (still love it though!).
Fierce Grace by Tony Stromberg

This is a picture I took of our horse, Buddy, that I think is pretty neat.  Shawn is afraid to put it on the wall because he thinks he'll feel like the horse is staring at him (could be he doesn't really like my photography and is really just trying to be nice).  I think it would be neat to have a picture that I took up on the wall :)
by Christi Randle

And here is the non-horse option.  I could go with a trio of the boys in black and white on canvas with our initial in the center (The "R" is a very dark, deep red color).  Although I am always a big fan of having pics of my boys up, this is not a timeless option (especially on canvas).  Two years from now the boys will look nothing like this and it will be dated.

I also have this one I took of Penny that is kind of neat...again, Shawn is not a big fan because you can't see her whole face.
by Christi Randle

So what do you think?

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