Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Swim Across the Pond

So I thought I’d fly this time…Google must not have thought about how cold the water would be this time of year. 
One would think I would be grateful for this option (and I am!), BUT….this is an eight-hour flight.  In the same seat.  Next to someone I don’t know.  For eight hours.  Thankfully I got a window seat.
The planes are typically setup with two seats by each bank of windows and five seats in the middle of the plane.  I have actually sat in the very middle seat for this flight before.  Not fun.  You can’t lean to the left and you can’t lean to the right.  For eight hours.  And you have to crawl over a bunch of people to use the bathroom.
I leave at 5:30 Eastern time and arrive in London at 11:00 a.m. the next day - this translates into 6:00 a.m. Eastern time – I will be tired.  Thankfully, the company has a policy that you can’t drive after eight hours of travel so they send a car to drive you the two hours to Derby.  By the time I get to the hotel I will really want to go to bed but I'll have to stay up to “adjust to the time”.
The food is not the greatest either.  I’m an all-American kind of girl (who loves Mexican food!).  But I’m not into curry or any of the other odd cuisines on the menu.  McDonald’s is fine for me!  For breakfast they typically serve cold pastries, like cold croissants.  Who wants a cold pastry?  With cold butter that you can't spread?  The milk tastes different (it may be goat's milk...not sure).  And the coffee - let's just say that aside from my kids, American coffee is the thing I miss the most while I am gone!
Hopefully Shawn will hold the fort down here without too much trouble.  I've "tasked" him with getting the sheep/goat pasture cleaned out while I'm gone ;-)  I recognize the likelihood of this happening is about the same as me winning the lottery, but a girl can dream can't she?
I am a little excited to pack my bags and head out on a journey (across the pond, as the Brits say).  Usually I go over for business meetings but this time it's for a leadership workshop.  I get to meet lots of new faces - from the States, the UK, and Germany - and build new relationships...always a fun time!
See ya next time from the other side of the pond!

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