Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Locket

I took my current job when Zack was just eight months old.  I knew there would be travel involved when I took it and I knew it would be hard with a baby.  But I also was excited about the prospect of being able to get out and see new places every now and then.
Three years later it’s still nice to take a trip and see a new place, face, or sky.  Most of my trips are day trips or overnight trips here in the States or Canada.  But a couple of times a year I travel to the company headquarters in England.  I love going to England.  Occasionally, we meet at the facilities in Germany.  How incredible is it to be able to travel to Europe and experience the different culture, history, and eccentric style there?
With only one small problem…I have to leave my boys.  This isn’t overly dramatic for my overnight trips – they hardly know I’m away.  But the week-long trips, those are hard.  With a time difference of five hours it’s even difficult to be able to call and talk to my family once a day, let alone more than that.
So the Christmas before last I asked Shawn for a locket.  It has a scripted R on the front of it that stands for our family name and signifies that what is inside the locket is a part of us.  I put a photo of each of my precious babies inside so I could take them with me wherever I need to go.  I don’t get on a plane without it and I wear it the entire time I am away, keeping them safely around my neck and close to my heart.  I wear it a lot when I am at home too.  Colton has taken to playing with it when he sits on my lap.  He asks to see “the baby” inside.  We open and close it together and talk about Zack and Colton. 
Colton plays in my jewelry armoire (much more than he should) and the last trip I made I was frantically running around the house the morning of my flight looking for my locket (which I thankfully located in my purse).  I held it during takeoff and landing and looked at their pictures a lot during the trip.  I’ve thought about updating their pictures, but I kind of like remembering them the way they were.
I’ve noticed lately that my locket already has subtle signs of wear.  I’ve debated whether I should take it in to get polished or not.  But in the end I’ve decided to let it age, like me and my boys.  It has a story to tell and I wouldn’t want to erase one memory. 

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