Monday, February 14, 2011


So I've wanted to start a blog for some time now but figured not a lot of people would want to read about the erratic thoughts that go on inside my head.  But then I thought that I might be depriving the few of you that actually do, so here it is!

My name is Christi.  I am a daydreamer and rarely do I have my feet on the ground.  In fact, if you ask my husband, Shawn, he'd tell you I don't pay attention much!  Which is why we work so great together - he keeps me grounded and I keep him on his toes.  Oftentimes, the thing he does to keep me grounded is tell me "no", because my mind is always telling me "yes" and that can both be dangerous and expensive!

We live on 14 acres with two ornery boys - ages three and two, three dogs, two cats, and two horses.  You'll notice the inconsistency here.  And somehow the special needs animals always seem to find their way to us.  We have a deaf dog, a thyroid-deficient dog, and a diabetic cat.  We may have a few sheep soon - still trying to work my way passed the "no".  I'll keep you posted on my progress!

I work more than full-time (so does Shawn) and travel a lot so keeping up with the place can be challenging at times.  I sometimes travel abroad and miss my kids dearly when I do.  But traveling keeps my nomadic nature appeased and makes me appreciate my home and family more than most.

I love animals (as you might have already guessed) and I love the outdoors.  The problem with loving the outdoors is I have a comfort zone of about 2-3 degrees.  This means anything under 75º, I'm cold and anything over 78º, I'm hot. Yes, my husband finds this annoying (as do most people).

I also like to dabble in photography.  A few people tell me I'm good...I mostly think I take a lot of pictures and get lucky.  Either way, I like to do it and manage to get a few good pics every now and then.

"Tête-à-tête on The Homestead" is a conversation between you and me about my family's crazy life here in the country and my travels wherever they may take me.  Feel free to follow along and comment along the way - I hope you enjoy our journey!


  1. I'd say you're off to a great start!

  2.'s official! I am a follower of your blog!

  3. I too am a follower of your blog

    How do you like my "picture"?

    You know what I keep saying, "It's just a fad" LOL