Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dad & Me

This is my photographic aspiration this summer.  I took this picture of Shawn and Zack the summer before I got pregnant with Colton.  I love this picture and want one with Shawn and both of the boys…although I would like to get it with fewer weeds in the background this time! 
But I am a realist.  And the realist in me tells me that I will not be able to recreate this moment.  It will take an act of God and good planning to get all three of them in overalls at the same time on a sunny day (mulitply this if I want the yard looking nice too.)  It will then be by sheer luck if I can get them all to stand correctly while I feverishly click away on the camera.  One child will be looking at me while the other looks in the distance.  About the time that one turns around the other will walk toward me, all the while Shawn will be trying to redirect them.  Shortly after, Shawn will start to get hot and sweat and start asking me “Did you get it?”  No, I didn’t get it.  If I had I wouldn’t still be trying to get you guys to stand still.  Then everyone will start to get restless with standing in the same place and the moment will be lost. 
And then I will be waiting for the next sunny day and hope that God will grant me the right moment this time.

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