Monday, January 18, 2016

Master Bath Reno Before & After

 At last! After making a run to Ikea yesterday for the linen cabinet, the master bath reno is finally complete!  We started this project a year ago (yes, a year ago!).  Fear not, it didn't actually take a year to renovate - it sat stagnant for six to seven months before we gave up on the do-it-yourself and I found the right contractor. 
You will notice, Shawn started gutting the bathroom before he thought to take before pics (or rather, before I had a chance to tell him to take them). 
Here is a view to the original shower which was a lovely plastic insert.
And here is the shower now

Before view of the old vanity space and tiny master closet.

The vanity now
Before view of the corner where the toilet sat next  to the shower
And now
A view into the old mudroom which is now the master closet
A true master closet now
Happy Day!


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bathroom Reno Cost Breakdown

This summer we remodeled our hall bathroom.  As we embarked on this project, I searched the internet to determine a budget.  Internet searches told me that the average cost of mid-range bathroom remodel was $15,000.  When I added the costs of the main items that would be needed for the remodel (tub, vanity, toilet, tile), I could not fathom why this project should cost more than $8,000, including labor.  Our house is 1500 sq ft and I knew we would never recoup $15,000 on a bathroom remodel.

So I called a few contractors to understand what the going rate was.  The first contractor I called quoted $12,500 to do only the bathroom.  Not the laundry room.  A second contractor quoted a similar price.  The third contractor was actually a do everything himself handyman.  He quoted $8,270 for labor only, for both the bathroom and the laundry room.  He told me materials would cost another $4,000-$5,000 depending on what I chose.  Thankfully, we are not in the market to sell our house so we reviewed the budget and hired him. 

Recently, I found a very helpful cost break down by Jenna Sue for her kitchen reno that you may find helpful as well.  Her renovation is the inspiration for my upcoming  kitchen reno and for our fireplace surround (stacked stone!).

After being unable to find a real cost breakdown of remodel costs online prior to our reno, I was inspired by Jenna Sue to share the real costs behind our remodel so that others can understand the hidden costs behind a project like this and better determine how they want to budget their dollars. 

This is a 5'x9' bathroom and a 5'x9' laundry room in Central Indiana.  The project took about a month to complete. 

This is the layout before the  remodel.  The space clearly had previously been two rooms which they had opened up to make a larger bathroom - there was a closed off doorway in the hot water closet that had previously led to the kitchen/dining area and the pass-through to the vanity area was an actual doorway.  There was a lot of wasted space in this layout in front of the vanity and also where the linen closet door swung open. 

Bathroom Layout Before

This is the layout after the remodel.  We closed the doorway between the two spaces and opened up the original doorway to the kitchen/dining area.  We removed the linen closet to allow space for the hot water tank and a doorway.  The old door to the bathroom was only 24" wide so we expanded that to a standard 32" door.

Bathroom & Laundry Room Layout After

To appreciate the after pictures, you really must see the before pictures.  It was decorated with a much sought after cowboy décor, including a lariat above the shower.  Please keep in mind that we lived with this bathroom for seven years.  I think we only lasted that long since I didn't have to use this bathroom ;)

This is standing over by the hot water tank closet, shooting towards the entry and shower. 

This is standing by the vanity shooting towards the entry and toilet.  We got a little excited and started pulling the paper down off the wall in here ;). 

Standing in the entryway pointing towards the linen closet.  *Note the lovely horse décor here.

Standing in the entry and pointing towards the vanity.

And standing in the entry pointing towards the hot water tank closet (including a cat door to access the litter box from when we used to have cats).  Again, we had started pulling down wall paper here. 

After demo...

Pointing toward the shower head area, and toward where the vanity was in the further corner to the left.

Pointing toward the toilet area and the old doorway to the linen closet.

Pointing toward the old vanity, where the washer and dryer will sit.

The hot water tank  closet after the  doors and wall around it were removed.

Looking from the kitchen into the new laundry room for the first time.

I did not have a picture of the "before" of this area without people in it, so I gave you the cutest one I had ;).  Directly behind the boys is a bench and coat hook, just inside the backdoor.  This is where the entry to the laundry room is now.

Laundry floor tile:  Home Depot  - $71 for 45 sq ft

Bathroom floor tile:  Home Depot - $110 for 30 sq ft

Shower surround large subway tile:  Menards $135 for 72 sq ft
Shower surround accent tile:  Lowes $71 for 11 ft around (6 in tall)
Paint:  Benjamin Moore Decorator's White...this was more white than anticipated once it was on the walls so I ended up using it on the trim as well.  I will be repainting the walls with a barely there gray.

Vanity with marble countertop:  Lowes - $694 (after taxes)
They did not carry this in stock so we had to order it.

The bathroom floor before the grout was added.

The contractors first effort at the shower tile around the fixtures.  I was not happy with the tiles cut in half so I asked him to do it again and use a hole saw on the tile.

The second time around - much better.

After the tile surround tile went up, before the grout.

And looking lovely after the grout was added.
Porcelain over Steel Bathtub:  Home Depot - $185
Pocket lights (remodel can lights):  $91.50 for two

I came home from work the next to find this - I was not happy.  The mirror was too small and the sconces were too large, facing upward, and not positioned where I wanted them.

The next day:  a larger mirror, smaller sconces - facing downward.
Mirror:  Lowes - $80
Sconces:  Home Depot - $30....the first set was a $100 set and I'm planning to use them in the master bathroom.

A wide angle shot I took before the bathroom door went in.  Unfortunately the lead time on the doors was much longer than expected and we had to put the project on hold for a month waiting for them to come in.

Meanwhile, in the laundry room....we replaced the breaker panel and the hot water tank.  Originally the plan was to buy a tankless hot water heater (which we did).  Upon installation, we discovered that we had to have a minimum of 300 amps running to our breaker box for the tankless (we are all electricity out here, no gas) because the heater itself pulls over 120 amps which does not leave much room for the rest of the electricity needed for the house and barns.  To upgrade our breaker box to a 300 amp would require having the electric company come out to run the main wire to the house.  We live about 800 feet off the road so decided it was not worth it and returned the tankless.  We bought a taller, smaller diameter hot water tank to replace the old one so it would fit behind the laundry room door.
After installation of the tile, new breaker box, and light fixture.
The doors finally arrived.  Here they are while being stained.
And finally, the after....  :)


Bathroom vanity fixture:  Home Depot - $150


Shower and tub fixtures:  Menards $180

60' of 4" tall trim for both rooms:  Lowes - $100

Toilet:  Menards - $310

Bathroom Fanlight:  Home Depot - $74

Solid-Core, Maple Veneer ,4-Panel Door:  Menards - $475 each

Door hardware:  Home Depot - $50 each

The finished laundry room.  We could not match the hardwood floors in the entryways.  I bought an oak board, cut it to size, stained and sealed to match as close as possible until we replace the floors throughout the house.
Doorway trim, both rooms, interior and exterior:  $100

Washer and Dryer:  LG, already owned

Cabinetry and shelf above washer and dryer to be added.

Laundry room light fixture:  Home Depot - $100

Hot water tank:  Sears - $200
Whole house water filtration system:  $60

Electrical Panel:  Menards - $210
New Breakers:  $58

Looking toward the kitchen from the laundry room.  The mess on the deck outside the back door is from the latest reno on the master bathroom at the other end of the house.

Oh, how I love these doors! <3  .....definitely my splurge.  Eventually every door in the house will be one of these.

We could have skipped buying the stepstool.  Turns out I have monkeys for children ;)

What I planned and love most about this bathroom is the timelessness of the materials used.  With simple décor items like shower curtain, rug, shower mat, and towels - today it is a playful child's bathroom, and years down the road when my kids are grown, it can be whatever I need it to be.

Demo Disposal:  $90 for three loads
Electrical wire:  $130
Replace sub-floor under tub: $20
Subfloor Adhesive:  $4
Floor Leveler:  $33
Drywall:  $20
Drywall mud:  $9
Backboard for tile surround on shower:  $140
Backerboard screws: $25
New thermostat in bathroom:  $30

Primer:  $19
Paint:  Benjamin Moore $80 for two gallons
Caulk:  $30
Kilz:  $8

Grout:  $55
Light bulbs, switch plates, electrical misc, plumbing misc, othe misc that I don't know about: $450

Demo:  $1,350
Rough Carpentry:  $900
Electrical:  $1,450
Plumbing:  $1,275
Drywall:  $1,165
Painting:  $500
Trim & Interior Doors:  $480
Tile:  $750
Allowance for Hardware:  $350

Grand Total:  $12,652  ($4,382 materials, $8,270 labor)

Was it more than you thought or less?  I really have no idea if we got a good deal, a fair deal, or if we were taken.  But we learned a lot along the way and now have a baseline for our next projects.

Thanks for following and I hope this helps you find ways to save (or places to splurge) on your next project!